Who feels trapped? 

Do you ever feel trapped? If so, how do you get out of it. Is IT a bad thing? I would think people don’t like feeling trapped. Or do they? I think what I am feeling right now is comfortable with my situation. Is that trapped? Well, kind of. I suppose if an old confused relationship IS my roomate, I may be preventing myself from creating new relationships.

I mean, we stay home but I’m a home body. We hang out together a lot because we like to do similar things in our free time.  Dependency is what’s the worst. Do u disagree? I don’t like the feeling of having to depend on someone but I seem to like the way it feels and attract people who are dependent on me. How about you? Many of you have children and that’s different than adult dependency relationships.

You know what i told her today? My roommate…. 

“You’re not respecting yourself, if your not taking care of your health.” 

Do you guys out there agree or disagree? Is it too harsh? Because quite frankly, I’d like to coin it- you know, as a slogan.  It may sound silly, or simple but don’t you think we aught to be reminded of this from time to time? If not by each other, than by whom?  How about if we’re reminded by the health insurance companies? Please drop a note if u can spare your time. I’d love to hear your perspective.

Here’s one guy not scared to express his perspective.

My pussy…