Being alone

I wouldn’t say that approaching 35, I’m confident I’ll meet someone at this juncture in my life…but I would say, I’m confident in being with myself.

I don’t mean that in a lonely, old, miserable, trite, cat lady way; I mean it in a strong, caring, family oriented, confident, single woman kinda way.

It’s taken a while to get here and let go of all of society’s pressures & belief systems, regarding ‘personal’ happiness.

“Love is the heart of the home.” I got a great friend, uno perro and two wonderful pussy-cats, that’s my love.  

All this time, I’ve been putting emphasis on three need for love for a lover and  love for a child. No joke, been dreaming about the kid crap ever since I played house with The Snaps (family friends) and was always in charge of Big Baby.  With Big Baby came Big responsibility!  She came to the grocery store always; she didn’t want to be left out of the food selection process.  However, if she made bad choices, I would help lead towards a healthy alternative. 

Oh yes, I ran a democratic game of House in my day, where Big Baby got to make solid choices, everybody got a turn to be Mom & Dad & there were natural consequences for showing up late to an important family function.

And now? My values and obstacles are rather similar, as to when I was that little girl playing house…  Although, I don’t have any of my own, I still work very closely with children.  I like to think that I have an influential relationship with many of them and everyone still gets a turn to be Mom and Dad, without me needing to be in that role myself. 

Love is the heart of my home; with my roomate, her dog and our cats, I no longer long for a traditional SO relationship, nor is there a longing for children; between the ones I work withh and the pussies at home, I’m confident in my mind traditional relationships.

Cheers to the kiddies!