Fear 😱

I’d like to say, I’m afraid of nothing because I know that being fearful is not productive; it’s how we handle these feelings that is important.

When i was a little girl I was afraid of things like the Boogie Man movie and being alone in the dark. Now, I’m afraid of making wrong decisions that impact other people, or not feeling good about my relationship with my mother.

But the real impact comes when i think of death. I don’t want to be how do they say, “on the fritz” with my mother, when she dies. That’s a crappy feeling to have. 

It’s mostly about other people dying and my relationship with them at their TOD.  I’ve felt regrets when “losing”people before because of some ego centered circumstance, regarding a disagreement.

I know “unfinished business” is trite in this dash of an existence; we need to get right down to it, from the get go.